music, specially made for you

Are you looking for special music written for you, or are you a songwriter needing help to make a great arrangement and put it on an album? Are you this special Voice with the X-factor?

Nick Zwart is an independant music producer and composer with his own fully digital studio. More than 30 years of professional experience with solo artists, choirs, stage performance, theatre and professional sound studios. So... you can expect great and professional results.

Microphone in studio Nick Zwart

Nick Zwart offers:

  • Recording and mixing of vocal solo artists
  • New music or arrangements of self composed music for singer/songwriters
  • Karaoke files of existing and new music, for performing artists and musical groups that do not use a live band.
  • Complete album production in his studio
  • Original, new music to support:
    • Theatre (musicals, etc.)
    • Movies
    • TV programs
    • Documentaries
    • Commercials
    • Company video's
    • Computergames
  • Our record label can get your music on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, etc.

Listen to some of the examples of Nick's music at the right side of this webpage. ->

See the 'PROJECTS' page for an overview of Nick's work.

* [Klik hier voor de Nederlandse website (Dutch)]

Link to SoundCloud - Playlist