This page offers an overview of projects (albums, cd-rom's, musicals, etc.) we worked on in the studio.


Looking For A Home -  Yellow PearlIn december 2017, Emiel Pijnaker of the band Yellow Pearl worked together with Nick Zwart to create and record a song in the studio for Serious Request 2017. The song is called 'Looking for a home' and was released on  iTunes and Spotify on the 15th December.

Listen to the song on YouTube

De Maria PassieFrom 2017 to 2019 Nick works with Margje Vleck and Roel Verheggen for De Maria Passie. This is an Aquero project, initiated by Annemarie van Leen-Janssens, Margje and Roel. This project sets an evening filled with music and texts about the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Hence the name 'Maria Passie'. They want to raise funding to give people the change to go on a pilgrimage to e.g. Lourdes. Nick wrote several arrangements and produced most of the music for this project and also plays and sings live during the performance on stage and is the playback engineer. More information can be found at 
Watch the promovideo on Youtube



waveformNick Zwart wrote and arranged a lot of music in the past 30 years. A small selection of his work can be found on the SoundCloud website and on the right side of this page. ->>

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Manya Solo Maar Niet AlleenManya - Solo, maar niet alleen!
Complete production of the debut album of Manya. New arrangements of almost all songs and also one totaly new song written by Nick. More info on Manya can be found here 

See how Manya sings 'Dat er zomaar' and Nick plays live on THIS LIVE VIDEO

cd EddyGeeEddy Gee - There's So Much That I Need To Say 
(Hitsound Records) Arrangements of all songs and recordings produced by Frans Bogaard and Nick Zwart in our studio. Go to Eddy Gee's website...


Wie, wat, waar(de)

Arkade - Wie wat waar(de) 
Complete production of this album for a school project, commmisioned by stichting Arkade & NZV. Word: Monique de Jong & Nick Zwart / music: Nick Zwart. 

Music VariationsNick Zwart - Music Variations
15 instrumental songs in various styles by Nick Zwart. Used for multimedia and video.



Het raadsel van KwieterHet raadsel van Kwieter
Complete production of this cd-rom, music and website, commisioned by stichting Arkade. 
Go to "Kwieter online" with games and interactive info...

Vrede in BethlehemVrede in Bethlehem
Complete production of cd-rom and music, commissioned by Vastenaktie (NL).



My Fair Lady

Pygmalion (also known as "My Fair Lady") 
Orchestral arrangements of all songs of this musical from 1956, written by Frederick Loewe and Alan Jay Lerner. The songs are: Why can't the English - Wouldn't it be loverly - I'm an ordenairy man - With a little bit of luck - Just you wait - Servant's choir - The rain in Spain - I could have danced all night - Ascot Gavotte - On the street where you live - You did it - Just you wait (reprise) - Get me to the church on time - A hymn to him - Without you - Accustomed to her face.

JantjesDe Jantjes
Arrangements of almost all songs of this famous Dutch musical. With songs like:

Dat zijn onze Jantjes - Mooi is de Jordaan - Wordt nooit verliefd - Oh, mooie Westertoren - Draaien - De Kolonialen - Die schele begint me te vervelen -  De bink van de buurt - Als je huilt ben je een stakker - Nou tabĂ© dan - Als de tros wordt losgesmeten - Als ik in mijn klamboe lig te dromen - Omdat ik zoveel van je hou - Een zee van tijd - In de Jordaan.

En Nu Naar BedEn Nu Naar Bed
Arrangements of a part of this Dutch musical, written by Annie M.G. Schmidt en Harry Bannink, fresh arrangements and recorded in our studio. The songs: Waar je ook gaat, Nooit een acht, Blijf er buiten, Ik hoef alleen maar even zo te doen, Was dat nou alles, Neem eens een andere, Wie ben je dan wel?, Nooit een acht, Ik zit op rozen, Hoera wij zijn normaal, Zeur niet, Liefde vandaag de dag, Nostalgie.

Added from other musicals: Vrouwen vrouwen vrouwen, Voor Haar, Kom Kees, Ik huil bij ieder huwelijk, Op een mooie pinksterdag, Vluchten kan niet meer.

Amerika AmerikaAmerika, Amerika (by Jos Brink)
New fresh arrangements of this Dutch musical from the 70's, written by Jos Brink (words) and Henk Bokkinga (music). All songs are new arrangements.

De Kleine ParadeDe Kleine Parade
Arrangements of a number of songs of this musical, written by Wim Sonneveld and Friso Wiegersma.


Bannink Media
Karaoke cd's 
arrangements and audio recordings

Bannink Media - Karaoke cd's

Bannink Media
voice over and leader
Bannink Media: Hobie cdroms

Bannink Media
In De Lift
voice over

Bannink - In de lift

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