The sound studio has changed a lot in the past years. No big mixers and tapesrecorders, just one computer. No walls full of synthesizers but virtual instruments in the computer.
The centre of our studio is a powerfull Windows computer with lots of memory. The sounds are digitally converted and recorded through a Behringer digital mixer which holds a professional audio interface.


The digital recorder is one of the best professional music software in the world: Steinberg Cubase Pro. 
Many digital tracks can be recorded and the software also offers a lot of editing to make the tracks sound superb. Cubase also holds a lot of professional effects like pitch correction, reverbs, equalizers, compressors, distortions, delays, chorus, phaser and many others.
pluginsOn top of that there are a lot of virtual effects and instruments in the computer that can be controlled by MIDI, like: several professional drummers in Toontrack EZdrummer2, acoustic and electrical guitars, East-West FabFour and Platinum Symfony Orchestra, many piano's, keyboards, organs and beautiful sounding synthesizers and samplers.
All effects and mixing takes place in the digital domain, this way the sound will stay clear and crisp with a lot of dynamics. It won't be converted into analog signals (only if you want it to) so the final result will be outstanding.


Besides the computer we also use hardware in our studio, like: Behringer digital 32 channel mixer, Studio Effect Processors, studio amps and the famous Yamaha NS10M Studio monitors for mixing. Kawai K-5000w synthesizer (additieve synthese), Rhodes VK-1000, Roland MV-30, Roland SC-88 vl, Yamaha digital piano and several accoustic instruments and a wide variety of professional microphones.

Link to SoundCloud - Playlist